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Here Comes Port Nassau

Posted by The Pointe on Sep 3, 2019 5:02:29 PM
The Pointe

The $250 million redevelopment of the cruise port at Prince George Wharf in Nassau has formally begun. The Heads of Agreement Signing between The Bahamas Government and Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. took place on August 28, 2019.

Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. is the consortium that has been established to oversee the project. It consists of Global Ports Holding (GPH), the Bahamas Investment Fund (BIF), and the YES Foundation, a charitable fund supporting local youth.

Port Nassau RenderingRendering Courtesy of Global Ports Holding

GPH, the world’s largest cruise port operator, is spearheading the project and expects to create approximately 500 jobs during the construction phase. The existing port will be transformed into Port Nassau, with a planned completion date of 2021.

Creating New Value in Nassau

The Bahamas is among the top-drawing Caribbean destinations and as capital of The Bahamas, Nassau is one of the top destinations. Currently, Prince George Wharf in Nassau is a major docking port for cruise ships from around the world, and it is the first place that many visitors experience when visiting The Bahamas.

The port has undergone a few improvements, including dredging to accommodate larger ships. In fact, in 2009 the largest ship in the entire world docked here. Now even more amazing updates are on the way.

Once complete, Port Nassau at historic Prince George Wharf will be a one of the most beautiful and exciting state-of-the-art ports in the world. The new design will add value to the lives of those who live, work, invest, and visit Nassau.

Port Nassau Redevelopment RenderingRendering Courtesy of Global Ports Holding

Prince George Wharf will be transformed into Port Nassau, with a planned completion date of 2021. The new design will add value to the lives of those who live, work, invest, and visit Nassau.

Reshaping Downtown Nassau

Along with the $250 million Margaritaville Beach Resort at The Pointe Bahamas development, the port project will completely reshape downtown Nassau, making this waterfront area a world-class destination.

The Pointe Bahamas

The port will be expanded, accommodating larger ships, more passengers, and more overnight ship stays. The design is modern and sleek, offering a spectacular new waterfront, exciting nightlife, entertainment, and more for cruise passengers and locals alike.

In addition to a park-like setting, Port Nassau will offer a Junkanoo Museum where visitors can learn more about the local culture. It will also include an amphitheater for concerts and local events, shopping, restaurants, and plenty of shade to keep cool during the day.

Port Nassau Amphitheater RenderingRendering Courtesy of Global Ports Holding

It is a comprehensive project that considers the complex needs of Nassau along with its economic growth and sustainability. In short, it is part of the development project Nassau has long needed to compete as an internationally renowned port that draws in repeat visitors.

Impacting Local and Foreign Investors

The revitalization of Prince George Wharf will have a positive impact on investments in the region. Those who invest in Nassau now will reap the benefits once the wharf redesign is complete.

Not only do foreign investors benefit, but also locals are given the chance to be an integral part of the development. The Prince George Wharf transformation includes millions of dollars made available to local Bahamian business owners and entrepreneurs who can take ownership in Port Nassau.

By stimulating the local economy, there will be more opportunities for high-value investments and more chances to invest in growing businesses making the most of the new trade in the region.

More Options for Cruise Passengers—More Revenue for Local Businesses

Passengers who cruise to Nassau have long enjoyed the opportunity to explore this wonderful metropolitan hub and all it has to offer. Unfortunately, sometimes they only get to spend a few hours in Nassau. Many ships dock at Prince George Wharf for the day, requiring all passengers to be back on board for an afternoon departure.

Prince George Wharf Redevelopment RenderingRendering Courtesy of Global Ports Holding

With the revitalization of the Prince George Wharf, many cruise ships will lengthen their stay in Nassau. Passengers can expect more opportunities for overnight stays as well as the chance to see what the incredible nightlife in Nassau is like.

These longer stays translate into more revenue for business owners. With additional port time, people can take advantage of more opportunities to patronize local restaurants, shops, and entertainment and water sports venues.

From seeing shows at the local amphitheater to shopping for souvenirs at the covered Straw Market, visitors can expect an improved experience in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Even more importantly, a revitalized downtown Nassau waterfront means that people are likely to make repeat trips. This too will inject a considerable amount of money into the local economy.

What the Redevelopment Means for Nassau Property Owners

Owning property in Nassau is already a solid investment and the future upgrades of Prince George Wharf and other downtown revitalization projects will certainly have a positive impact on value. When visitors have the opportunity to experience more in Nassau, the more inclined they are to come again, taking advantage of vacation rentals or even purchasing a second home in the area.

These are actions that drive up property values.

Margaritaville Beach Resort at The Pointe Bahamas

Additionally, the infrastructure outside of the wharf area continues to improve as a result of the redevelopment. Soon, those in Nassau, residents and visitors alike, have access to more upscale amenities including restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.

From a monetary perspective and from a quality-of-life perspective, Port Nassau will benefit all those who own property in Nassau and spend time there each year.

The Time is Right to Invest in Nassau

Demand for property in Nassau will only increase after projects such as Port Nassau and The Pointe are completed. That’s why now is the time to secure your own piece of paradise in Nassau, The Bahamas.

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