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Best Ways to Get to Nassau The Bahamas

Posted by The Pointe on Feb 25, 2019 1:15:00 PM
The Pointe

How to Get to Nassau The BahamasAs the crow flies, Nassau in The Bahamas is just 179 miles from the Florida coast. Being so close to the United States makes traveling to Nassau a very simple process, and there are lots of convenient options to consider as you plan your trip or your move to this beautiful Caribbean country.

Whether you're heading to your residence at One Particular Harbour by Margaritaville at The Pointe or planning the vacation of a lifetime, it is more convenient than ever to travel from the United States, Canada, Europe, and other airports around the world. 

Commercial Flights to Nassau 

One of the most common misconceptions about traveling to Nassau is that the nearest airport will be small or ill-equipped. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth.

When you fly into Nassau, you'll be landing at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), formerly known as the Nassau International Airport (NAS). Although this airport does provide smaller inter-island flights, it is also completely equipped for a steady stream of international arrivals and departures on a daily basis. 

Over three million passengers pass through the airport each year, and they fly in from all around the world. British Airways, for example, flies into Nassau five times a week with a direct flight from Heathrow International Airport in London. Many airlines service Lynden Pindling and you can get here on non-stop or one-stop flights from many different locations.Flights into Nassau

Many of the commercial flights in and out of Nassau are from North America. It isn't challenging to find flights heading to Nassau from Canada, and Toronto is a hub for flights coming to The Bahamas.

From the United States, you can take your pick. There are flights to Nassau from virtually every major city on the East Coast and the Midwest. Whether you're heading in from Boston, New York City, Chicago, or Atlanta, you can find a convenient flight on major airlines including American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines, among many others. 

If you're getting to the stage of booking flights to Nassau, you might notice that there are lots of flights that head from Florida to the Bahamas. A lot of travelers opt to get a connecting flight from Orlando or Miami and then have a short final flight into The Bahamas. From Miami to Nassau, the entire flight is usually just under an hour. 

Private Flights and Charters to Nassau 

Lynden Pindling is also the base for private flights and charters that come in and out of Nassau. Since the journey from many Florida airports is so short, a popular option is to fly commercial into Florida and then make the final leg of the journey on a charter flight. 

Business executives and many with second homes on the island take advantage of private charters available. There are several options for private jet charter service in and out of Nassau. Some of the most popular charter locations to Nassau include the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, the Boca Raton Airport and the Kendall – Tamiami Executive Airport.

For those piloting their own plane, the airport supplies fixed-based operators (FBOs) to handle fueling and support services.

Flying to Nassau From the Out Islands 

Nassau is undeniably the hub of The Bahamas, and it is located on the island of New Providence. If you're heading to Nassau from elsewhere in The Bahamas, then you might be interested in flights that head to and from the Out Islands. The good news is that these flights are readily available, and most domestic flights within The Bahamas are also very short in duration. You might snag a quick flight in and out of Nassau that takes just 15 or 25 minutes to your final destination. 

Like international flights, domestic flights from Nassau depart from the Lynden Pindling International Airport. There are separate, shorter lines at the airport for domestic travel, making the process very quick and simple.

Just a few of the airlines that operate domestic flights to the Out Islands from Nassau include Flamingo Air, Bahamas Air, Western Air, and Sky Bahamas. Although these shorter flights are incredibly convenient, it is still worth booking tickets in advance whenever possible. 

Cruise Ships to Nassau 

It should come as no surprise to learn that cruise ships frequent The Bahamas. If you arrive in Nassau by cruise ship, then you'll be docked at the Prince George Dock. The cruise ship dock is centrally located in Nassau, making it easy to take advantage of local cuisine, scenery, shopping, and more.

Cruise Ships to Nassau Bahamas

Most cruise ships dock in Nassau for about 12 hours and there is plenty to do in that timeframe because so many things that are great about The Bahamas are in or near Nassau. The top cruise lines come to Nassau including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney, and Norwegian.

Bahamas Ferry Services 

Bahamas Ferries is the primary provider of ferries to and from Nassau. They provide inter-island ferries, and are headquartered right in Nassau at Potter’s Cay Dock. These ferries are fast and air-conditioned, which will make your journey a quick and comfortable one.

Schedules vary depending on which island you are arriving to or departing from. Ferries run from Nassau once or twice a week to destinations like Andros, Exuma, Grand Bahama, and South Abaco. More frequent ferries are available to places like Harbour Island and Spanish Wells on Eleuthera. 

Currently, there are no direct scheduled ferries from Florida to Nassau. However, you can always opt to take a ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport or from Miami to Bimini. Once you're in The Bahamas, you can rely on domestic flights or local ferry services to get you to Nassau. 

Private Boat

Private Boating in Nassau Bahamas

Since Nassau and the surrounding area are top draws for sports fishing and other water activities and excursions, many arrive by private boat. There are marinas to accommodate boats of all sizes and provide luxury amenities that leave boaters wanting for nothing. The soon-to-open The Pointe deep-water Marina and Boardwalk is the perfect case-in-point. Located in the heart of Nassau, the Marina accommodates boats up to 150 ft. in length and offers state-of-the-art facilities for amateur and professional mariners.

When arriving by boat to The Bahamas, you will need to clear Customs and Immigration at the nearest Port of Entry. There are associated fees and documents required for all boats. Some are based on the size of your boat as well as your place of citizenship. Visit the Association of Bahamas Marinas website to find out more information on entering and exiting policies.

Arrive to Paradise by Air or Sea

Clearly, there is no shortage of travel options for heading to Nassau in The Bahamas. Whether by air or by sea, there are countless affordable, convenient, and quality choices to get you here and safely back home.

While you’re here, be sure to check out The Pointe located on Nassau Harbour. Regardless of how you get here, you’ll have the perfect place to stay, play, and relax.

Find out more about The Pointe today.


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